Hello Hellooooo!!!!!!


Howdy folks,

And welcome to my new blog! Get ready for a ride because it’s going to be fun. Let me
introduce you to the new and fantastic Sarah Cross Photography BLOG also known as a “phlog”.

Photo + Blog = phlog.

Pass it around. It’s a good one. And old blog is still a goody..I’ll be transferring some of my favorite posts this-a-way to live on in emphamy.

So what can you expect on this new venture?

Adventures!  I am a photojournalist with a degree from the Missouri School of Journalism. I love telling stories and photographing people. Capturing the spirit of a moment is where I get my high. I love it!

I have started my business as well. Sarah Cross Photography (San Francisco Bay area wedding photojournalist) in which you’ll meet couple after couple that I will have had the fortune to photograph there special day. This is such an important and intimate event. I focus a lot of energy getting to know the bride & groom resulting in what is usually an emotional day for me too.  I love my couples!

Wedding stories can be crazy fun to shoot and I’m really excited to have this space to share these stories. Thankyou Interweb!

I’ll also be starting a new section called, “Green Fridays” focusing my blog posts on something green. It is my favorite color. This section will highlight green weddingvendors, green tips for weddings including some DIY (that’s do it yourself) for those who like to diy. And anything else that I see fitting. If you know of a business or person who is green (green living) that you think should be highlighted…pass them this way. Maybe I’ll break out my photojournalism skills and do a little story on them.Who knows…possibilities are mindblowing…and endless.

What else can you expect? Well…a lot of pictures of my friends and family. I photograph the world as I see it and those in it. I love posting my weekend adventures and travels and non-adventures and non-travels. My goal is to consistently tell stories.  And with an adventurous group of friends, I’m never in short supply..in fact, I’m already backlogged.

Possibly you might find yourself featured on Sarah Cross Photography Phlog some day. Imagine that!

I’ve also got a conglomeration of personal projects in the brewing and conjuring phase which I’ll be sure to keep you posted on. The first is developing my skills as a “photolanthropist” by donating my professional services to philanthropic organizations in need of a voice. I’m currently working with a community organization that I can’t wait to tell the world about. This is what I call “photolanthropy”

philanthropy + photography = photolanthropy. Another good one.

Soo stick around. Don’t be a stranger and pass on the word. There’s a new photog in town…


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Lucie - April 12, 2010 - 11:37 pm

I’m already loving it, Sarah!!!!!! Can’t wait to read more and see all the images!

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