Pisces on a Boat | A birthday sailing trip on the SF BAY

captain ryan

A day with the fishes and a seal or two.

My last experience sailing was when I was about 16 at Trout Lodge in Missouri where my father (a trained Merchant Marine sailor) was attempting to teach my cousins and I sailing 101 on a sunfish. Being the engineer he is and me being the artist, I’m fairly certain that my rebellion was to NOT learn how to sail. After a bout of port talk, ‘hittin the head’ and a discussion of the wind, I had had enough and opted to stand on the sidelines with my camera photographing him teaching my cousins instead. Little did I know I had the best seat in the house watching my dad and cousin flip time and time again. Karma got me though when my leather camera strap failed me during a big laugh at the scene on the lake and my first Canon AE1 became quite intimate with the water…and experience the wonderful things water does to a non-waterproof old manual SLR. Kaput.

So that was my last time sailing. After this new experience, I’m a firm believer that I should’ve listened to my dad’s lecture on wind years ago.

vic and liz in their summer hats

My good friend Liz turned 33 (Jesus Year) this year and planned a day on a sailboat with a few other good friends who just so happen to be Pisces as well…me included. None of us having been on the bay via sailboat before took to it on a sunny Sunday with no cloud in the sky…or any wind.

We met our friend of a friend and now new friend captain Ryan and jumped aboard his vessel.

Our trip started on a bay so calm the water was glassy. We were forced to chug along with the outboard motor instead of the sail. So we weren’t quite sailing yet. Starting in South San Francisco and up to the Embarcadero and then back again took about 6 hours. Ryan told us of his adventure stories in the wind while slipping through the bay waves calmly. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed that we weren’t the ones hanging from the side in a boat about to tip. I also thought it was hysterical.

zeta clinging to bow like a cat above water while other relax:)

happy fish

I’m pretty sure my wish was granted around the time was sun was setting. Beautiful light surrounded us, both wind and laughter were getting stronger, and we found ourselves in my ideal unleveled situation. YAY! Everyone on starboard side! YaY! Drama! Adventure! Wind! Super fun. Of course it’s all fun and games until someone get’s their eye poked out…which is what happened in so many words as the always so rowdy Vic, Liz’s boyfriend, emerges from the cabin…quickly loosing his favorite summer hat into the wind. Another return of Karma. Hehe. By happenstance I caught it on video to be viewed on large screen later. However, the last shot is of Vic looking longingly for that hat that completed him.



It was another good Sunday in the bay thanks to good friends, good captains, good stories and a great wind! ~ sRc


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