Watering St. Louis Roots: Forest Park

Today, I attempted to get lost in Forest Park in St. Louis. A favorite activity of mine (getting lost that is).  I had just finished a portrait session with a lovely couple of  friends and decided to explore with my holga phone app, through the largest metro park in the US…Did you know that? My intention was to just walk…not on the paved trails, not on the cut grass, not on anything that you’re meant to walk on until I didn’t know where I was. I just wanted to let go and be…  So today, I made an effort to bond with the historical park that I grew up with. I spotted a few fire hydrants on the golf course, said hello to super friendly passerbyers and even found a secluded spot for a little evening yoga. Me and Forest Park…we’re like buds now.

Thanks for the walk.

Bali Bride on Art hill.

probably robin, maybe blue jay

nearly there

dandelion and statue

boat house

post dispatch lake ducks.


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