Family…is Family…is Family

I’ve just returned to my Oakland home after a three week venture to my Motherland, St. Louis. I’ve now determined that my visits can be no shorter than a month, and even then, that might be too short. There really is never enough time.

My family means the world to me and I would do just about anything for them. Returning home this time was a delight and challenge all in the same as I was there to witness one full three-week-rotation of my mom’s chemotherapy treatments. I was there from the time she arrived home from The Cancer Treatment Center of America in Philadelphia to the moment that she and my father headed off for another treatment. She’s been receiving traditional chemo since August for a very rare cancer. It seems to be helping, if just in the sense of stopping growth. But has also changed their lives, our lives as we know it. Chemo is a freaken beast! Big prayers that the medicine works.

Fortunately there are soo many things to celebrate and my mom is a pillar of this positivity…celebrating the small things and the big things. We sat for what seemed like hours but really only moments finding joy in watching the humming birds with tiny binoculars out the kitchen window, and learning how to juice as another step towards healthy living. (everyone should pick up a juicer…you have no idea the great things that come from this way of nutrition)

To add to our celebrations, Grandma Cross turned 80 this May. My sisters and cousins traveled from out of state to join in one full day of family ending with a Grandma birthday dinner at her favorite St. Louis Pizzeria, Pirrone’s.

We took over the restaurant with our stories growing up and vacationing together and all the trouble we got in…not me though. I never got in trouble;)Beautiful bursts of laughter rolled through the pizzeria. And then to everyone’s surprise, Alan (cousin) excused himself to the restroom and returned with a birthday salute on his trumpet. Grandma is known for her crying but I’ve not witnessed her tears flow so heavily. Once Alan completed, she told us that Uncle Bob, Alan’s father who passed away a few years ago, had performed the same surprise to her mother on her 80th. Alan had no clue. Another sign of how strong the family bond is and how those not here…really are.

Enjoy the pictures and go call your Grandma…and then parents…and then cousins and siblings…

Mom & Dad serving breakfast to the hungry. David got up at 4am to make the St. Louis breakfast at 9.

Dad being Uncle Dan to David. He's good at that.

Show and Tell time.

ordering for the family...written on a napkin

Pirrone’s St. Louis Style Pizza…mmmmm….provel cheese.

brothers, my cousins

Alan performing "happy birthday" on the trumpet.

Happy Grandma Cross



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Elizabeth Scott - June 3, 2010 - 9:16 am

God bless you, my dear!

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