a very sad Meg Whitman and Friends

So the other night Ramin calls me up to let me know he’ll be in Oakland shooting election coverage for the New York Times. Wahoo! Go Ramin. I meet him down at the Fox Theatre where the celebration festivities are under way for Jerry Brown…the now Governor of California. He didn’t think I’d have a problem getting in considering I’m not an “official” photographer…meaning I’m a photographer shooting for… But considering the above and the fact I was wearing a green tshirt that says “Grass” and donning my “I Voted” sticker along with holes in my jeans….a little underdressed and unprepared…they obviously questioned my alliegance. So I zipped up my jacket and called Ramin who got me in. Thanks Dude.

I watched the flurry of press photographers, videographers, news reporters and more chew on their pens, scratch their heads, and stand starring at the screen on the stage displaying the poll results. It…was kind of hysterical. I found the photographers the most interesting and had a blast shooting along side another…just for fun. So because it was fun I got a drink to relax for EVERYONE. Thanks Ramin for asking me to come play and Thanks Jerry Brown for winning. The confetti was a good call.

in the pit.




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