10 to remember: a pink hummer limo birthday party

Soo…I have to be honest. I’m NOT really a fan of hummer limos or hummers in general for that matter. In fact, I think they are ridiculous, look silly, guzzle useless gas just to “look” a certain way, AND they are really hard to back up around a corner. BUT, I say a big BUT here, you splash some pink on that baby, stuff it full of excited ten year old girls and take that pink mama for a scavenger hunt joy ride around town and well…I think the hummer limo has found it’s calling. And so to every rule, there is an exception.

Trinity was surprised by the aforementioned beast during her 10th birthday party and I had the fortune of documenting the whole adventure. It was like reliving the many parts of my ten year old self while singing and dancing to Lady Gaga in a limo packed with squeals, laughter, and childhood. AND… so very nice they appreciate good music too.

Spread the word people. 10 year old Pink Hummer limo birthday parties are flippen cool!

Thanks Briana and Trinity. I had a blast.


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