East Bay Santa – Spreading Holiday Cheer on Two Wheels

I met Santa last weekend at The Crucible holiday art fair…to which I had heaps of fun meeting and welcoming Oakland’s most artistic into Sarabek Image’s photo booth with a sweet red backdrop. After chatting with Santa, telling him that I’d like a new lens and outdoor firepit…oh and a kitty, He mentioned he rides a motorcycle. So…with that I said I wanted to shoot him.:)

I race after Santa in my lil red neon we call “Apple”.  Waving to passerbyers, trucks honk and construction men smile throwing out thumbs up. Children wave and frowns literally turn upside down. I sware…I saw it. This Kris Kringle on two wheels was really spreading the holiday cheer! East Bay Santa! Awesome.

Santa, Dennis Terfler, actually has a very nice day job that he likes to keep separate from his life as Santa. (Understood…) He only starting dressing as Santa after receiving the same type of reaction when he delivered food to a friend on his bike in his red suit. It’s been history ever since and he’s been perfecting his Santa performance. He’ll now be adding suspenders to his ensemble due to wardrobe malfunctions….which I think is what they are for. Right?

Standing in the doorway of his Alameda home, with holy light shining down on him as he adjusts the last bit of his faux beard, the newly transformed Santa says, “I don’t really even like Christmas” in a semi serious tone. But this is his way of “giving back” and it works.

“Sometimes your job picks you,” said Santa. And well…I’d think the other big star of Christmas would agree with that statement.

Thanks Dennis for spreading your cheer and letting me photograph you on your bike. And for letting me ride it too!

PS – to see the images from last weekends Photo booth (they are funny…you want to) check out http://sarabek.smugmug.com/Events/Crucible

Also check out the Crucible cause well…they are kinda cool…and have lots of fun events that I think everyone should see in order to be a fully functioning artistic individual.:)http://thecrucible.org/

And lastly, we are having a “New face for 2011″ photo session special $150. Contact for the deets.



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