My day with ‘Eating with Abs’

To begin with…this lady rocks. Not only is she intelligent, forward thinking, creative, strong willed and super stylish…but she’s beautiful on top of that. A true blue yogini, food movement warrioress, and a sweetheart. You may remember Abigail Wick from the a previous posting about The Crucible when she graced my cameras lens once before. Or perhaps you have frequented her savvy and admitingly sometimes mouthwatering food blog, Eating with Abs, which is only one of the many many endeavors where she spreads her talented wings. (BIG wings!)

Our adventure began a few weeks ago with a brainstorming meeting over tea at one of Abigail’s favorite spots in the city, The Summit-SF. Check it out. If you are like me with laptop in tow craving for a place to work AND socialize WITH good food that happens to be local AND sustainable, this is your spot.

As we talked, it was apparent that Abigail is extremely passionate about many things and whole foods and nutrition are among her tops. So with that…many ideas were spawned. The day was filled with co-creation and GORGEOUS California Sun. Sometimes it’s as if the sun saves all it’s glow and shine…like glow shine…just for me. I know, there’s a lot of people in the world and the sun does spread it’s love when it can. But have you seen the sun I’m talkin bout? It’s like we are in a relationship.:)

Abigail and I hit up a few spots in her neighborhood including a cute community garden (unfortunately closed today), a Mexican fresh produce stand, and the coolest place, Alemany Farm. Oh yes, and her roof. I heart roof tops in San Francisco.

Abigail was down for anything I suggested and was right in there with ideas of her own. This I love. But now that I mention it, we never did the shot of her in the overgrown overalls I’ve had for years… What she wore was soo much better anyway. Now that the easy part is over, the hard part begins. Editing my faves! I love so many. Thanks Abigail!!!!

Alemany Farm

Abigail inside her community kitchen where she makes magic happen.

ends with a leap!



Albert N. Onymuss - January 22, 2011 - 6:02 pm

a friend and I were just talking about some of the plans you have for the next year. i love YOUR forward thinking-ness.

also… i really enjoy the real-ness that you bring out of the story:
– such as abigail’s sharp turqoise beauty juxtaposed in with the realness of the community kitchen. love how her turquoise waves drip right into the chair.

also, also… three cheers for rooftops. no seriously, you have to cheer three times when you read this, regardless of where you are, (even if in a library).

lotsa love. keep on being YOU!

Anna-Lisa - January 21, 2011 - 11:21 pm

How lovely!!

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