Crucible’s Cupid | Oakland, CA

Friday night at The Crucible was yet another fascinating evening filled with fun and fire. These guys know how to put on a show and this time it was in the name of love….or at least Valentine’s Day.;)Myself and two lovely helpers, Morgan and Teta, joined me in another pop-up studio adventure. We call it a photo booth. But it is so much more as it turns into a mini-studio session for everyone that steps in. Need a headshot? Sure. Want to capture you and your loved one? Sure. Want to grab a shot of you in that awesome get-up you got going on? Definitely. The bay area loves their fashion as as we’ve just been labeled “the most vain” of all cities, I can see why we love to be photographed! I suspect a new name for this service is around the corner as it is something I truly enjoy doing. And it seems like people like it too!


rose petals


Special thanks to Chi Chi at the Crucible for bringing me in once again. And thanks to all of you who stepped into my studio. I had the opportunity to meet some super talented individuals such as Rachael Devlin from Idle Hands Baking Company where she makes vegan cupcakes AND gluten free (which I’m exstatic about). And Crucible’s own cupid, Oliver Pavlick, whom leaped from my studio into an incredible areal performance. Awesome!

Anyone have a good name for my pop up studio?

*I’m happy to share these images but please keep the logo on for copyright reasons. Thank you!


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Albert N. Onymuss - March 2, 2011 - 12:37 pm

whoa sister, that dred picture is so wicked! you capture the fluidity of the movement like at the tips of his hair, yet still get the crispness of his face all in one picture.

is this MAGIC?!

how about “saraBEK’s magic moment shop”? … yeah, i agree, that’s a mouthful. keep up the great work! ~dip

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