Sarabek’s Monthly Free Faves Give Away.

Occupying desktops around the world. As a gift for stepping your photo finding fingers into my blog, I am giving away a screensaver sized favorite image of mine each month. I may even dig deep into the archives…something that doesn’t happen nearly enough. I’m looking forward to lots of changes both in my site and my business this year. So come back for a listen-look-see and get yourself 12 months of Sarabek.

Janaury: A two thumbs up truck top.

With helicopters, anticipation, fascination and a sense of obligation, I was excited to be witness to the first General Strike in our nation in over 65 years.  It was a day filled with focus and joy, optimism and passion.

The goals of the day (November 6, 2011) were to shut down the businesses in downtown Oakland, in particular the banks and, later that afternoon, march to the Port of Oakland, the 5th largest in the country, and shut it down as well.

Downtown Oakland was on fire in a new way. Speakers, singers, and hoards of smiling and determined people congregated on the streets. It was a powerful experience to say the least.

Good photo friend Ashley and I tag teamed running back and forth photographing the rapid flow of the river of people. It was fun! And I particularly loved the general acceptance of climbing on inanimate structures like street signs, trashcans, etc. I think a trip to a climbing gym is in my near future.

At one point, this point, the sun was just entering it’s golden hour and my first thought was “to the top of the truck!” Outside of just being fun to climb and stand on top of a truck, it was incredible to see the numbers of people far off into the distance in both directions. It was empowering on many levels.

Click on the links below for your screen size. Right click, save and enjoy! And if you like it, leave a comment below.

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I’m excited for whatever magic 2012 beholds. Hopefully it’s full of more truck top experiences. I hope you enjoy the first of my monthly gifts.  Your’s truly, Sarabek.

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Aviad - January 26, 2012 - 9:05 pm

That’s an awesome picture Sarah! We were there, right behind you that day, it was indeed an impressive and empowering march.

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